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Tune in to AIM Country Music Television for the very best in Country Music programming. From the brightest country artists lighting up the local hangouts to those who only sing in the shower, we have it all on AIM Country Music!

We're looking for independent artists from around the world who would like exposure on country music television. You can use the form on the "Central Casting" page to submit your information.

In addition to this website, you can also watch all of our excellent country music programming on your television! Just tune in AIM Country Music Television on your Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV set top box, or use your iPhone or Android device and cast to your television. CLICK HERE for the dowload locations for supported players (and also our other channels).

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Contact AIM Country Music Television with your questions and comments. Send us a funny story, an inspirational quote, your story ideas, request specific country music programming, inquire about submitting your content for broadcast, or just have us check that your phone or email are working!

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